Saturday, 29 November 2008

The First Post

I finally decided that it was time to get a blog to compliment my Adorable Budgies Website and Forum, and you're looking at it right now.

I'll mainly be talking about my budgerigars here, but you may also find posts about my other pets, my family or my friends from time to time.

My budgies are my passion. I have about 40 of them in an aviary in my back garden, and I have one special guy, Buzzo, who lives with us in the house. He's a total nutter, so expect to hear about him on a regular basis. He's also our main website and forum mascot, that's how special he is to us.

Buzzo, of course, is the bird you see in the picture above. He's not really that blue colour, the flash just makes him look that way, but it does look good, eh?

Anyway, expect to hear from me on at least a semi-regular basis, but don't expect posts every single day cos life sometimes gets in the way of my free time. If you get bored waiting for me to update, you could always come and visit us over in our forum for a friendly chat ;)

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