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Article: Lost And Found Bird Info

I found this article on one of the forums where I am a member. The author Emily Rackley was kind enough to let me reprint it. It's a great article with masses of info, so definitely well worth a read. If you would like to use the article on YOUR blog or site, please contact Emily for permission first. You can contact her via the link at the bottom of the article. Thanks!

If you have lost OR found a bird, there are things you can and should do:

Call a number of people and register your parrot as lost:

- Police:
Use to find the contact details for your local police force.
Dont be suprised to find they are not very helpful as they apparently only deal with dogs now!

- John Hayward at the National theft register: (also deals with lost birds)
01869 325699.

- Local rescue shelters
For the RSPCA call 0870 33 35 999 between 9am and 5pm

- Local vets:
locate your nearest veterinary surgeries here:

Alert the local community:

- Put up posters asap. Be sure to keep replenishing them over time. Describe all distinguishing features, such as physical appearance (photos are good too), unique phrases the bird says / things they do and whether the bird is rung or not (do NOT state the ring number however).

- Examples of places to put up posters / alert include:
Local shops,
Lamposts (check restrictions so as not to land yourself in trouble).
Pet shops
Community halls
Council offices
Post office
Sports centres and gyms
Schools (particularly primary schools - the children will love having the mission of looking into the trees and trying to find a parrot)
Local taxi firms may put 'missing' cards in their cabs
Any business with a window visible to the public
Parks and park staff

- Try and get the local paper / radio stations / news shows to run a story about the missing bird. Ask them if they would do a follow up story if there were no results the first time round.

- Tell people like the postman / milkman / bin men about the lost bird as these people get about the local community and are a good way to spread the word

- Knock on doors in your immediate area, or any areas where there are sightings.

Post on websites that the bird is missing:

- This forum!

- Some further useful websites can be found here

Keep trying:

- The key is to keep reminding people by repeating all the above regularly.

- It is often said that within the first month of escape, a parrot remains relatively close to it's home. Call for your bird regularly, or try placing it's cage filled with tempting treats outside. If the bird has a cage mate, placing them outside in a closed cage can sometimes tempt them back.

- Remember that birds are very adaptable, and there are some really heartening stories of people being re-united with their birds weeks, months, even years after they were lost, so don't give up hope!

One further point to make is the importance of microchipping. This allows for a definative positive identification of a bird when it is found, and easily traces them back to you, the owner. Well worth it for a small fee and a very quick, simple and minor procedure for your bird.

If anyone has any other useful contacts or advice in the event of a lost bird, please contact one of the mods / admin with your suggestion - thanks!

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