Sunday, 29 March 2009

Our Indoor Budgies

The first pics were taken back in January, when the 2 boys first started living together:

These pics are from today, 30th March; Buzzo and Fuzzy are getting on really well together, and neither lost any of their tameness since being together, so that's a bonus

Fuzzy can never quite decide which of the 2 swings he wants LOL

Fuzzy still doesn't dare go anywhere near Buzzo's ball, but luckily there are plenty of toys for them both to choose from


Updated Aviary Pictures

30th March 2009: As promised, a few updated pictures

The pics were taken at night, and as you can see, every single one of my birds decided to go through a moult at the same time due to us finally having a little bit of sunshine hahahaha

Now we're just hoping for more sunshine with a bit of warmth added so that I can leave both of the right hand side doors open long enough to clear out all the moulted feathers ;)

And for those curious minds, this is how it all started out :)


Friday, 27 March 2009

Show cage training

Show cage training: (Click link for full article)
"By Mick Freakley (Freakley & Ainley)

At this time of the year, most serious exhibition budgie breeders will be well into the breeding season, and will just about be completing their second rounds. It is around this time the thoughts turn to the first round youngsters as these will form the basis of the breeders early young bird show team.

Some birds will be natural showmen/women and will adapt to the show cage with absolutely no problems whatsoever, others though will be just the opposite and will not like the confines of a show cage. It is these birds we need to give some show cage training to."

Show cage training

27th March

Another cold and blustery day today. The birds are all doing well, Bossy Violet now has 8 eggs with only a couple of days to go until due hatching date :)

Waiting for the wind to die down and the sun to come out before I clean the aviary today, just a tad bit too cold for me those few steps between the house and the aviary LOL

Hugh didn't bring my copy of Cage & Aviary Birds home yesterday, so he has to go and get it this morning. It took months to finally get the shop here to get it in, I bugged them and bugged them LOL, and have now been able to get it regularly for the past couple of months.

It's a decent read with lots of articles about lots of different type birds so if you haven't read it yet, go out and buy yourself a copy!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

My Secret Pair

Not so secret any more...

My lutino male decided on a mate and paired up with China, saw them getting jiggy a couple of times in the aviary so gave them a nest box and within a couple of days she had already laid the first egg. She now has 3, and one is showing fertile

The pair:

He's bred for me before and been an absolutely fantastic dad, even reared the chicks on his own when he needed to. It'll be China's first time for me though, so we'll have to wait and see how it goes


Terrible Forum Netiquette

I'm a member of a very popular budgie forum where there are a whole lot of helpful people. Unfortunately, where there are lots of people you always get a few bad eggs too, (refer to my earlier post) and all is not always what it seems.

Take the past few days, just as an example; This young kid joins in on a thread and asks some very valid questions, just to get shot down and treated like a leper. Why? Because the person he directed the questions to doesn't like the kids dad and acquaintances.

I can honestly see no other reason, as the person in question has been very forthcoming with help for a female forum members son in the past. It's a sad world we live in when our kids have to be wary of who they try to gain advice and knowledge from because of petty feelings between a person of the older generation and others.

Should we ALL be trying to encourage every kid that shows an interest in birds? Help them as much as we can to help keep the hobby of budgies, whether pet or show, to survive? Where will the hobby of keeping budgies be without the newcomers?


More fertile eggs

Of all my chicks this time, Bossy Violet and Daves 5 were most definitely the most popular, and were all spoken for before they even left the nest. I've had people asking and waiting for a 2nd round, so I've let the pair get on with it.

They now have 7 eggs in their 2nd round. 6 are showing fertile, and should be due to start hatching any time from Sunday 29th March

Our secret pair has 2 eggs so far, and one is showing fertile. They should have another egg by the end of today.

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