Friday, 16 January 2009

Articles By Mick Freakely

I've just received a bunch of articles from Mick Freakley to add to the Adorable Budgies website. It's going to involve some work on my behalf, making pages for them all, but it's so definitely going to be worth it :)

If you're into budgies and have never heard of Mick, where on earth have you been? OK, if you've only ever been into pet birds I can understand, but if you've ever even considered showing birds then you should definitely know who he is.

For those who don't, Mick is a World renowned professional bird photographer, Official Budgerigar Society Photographer and is also World Champion Exhibition winner 2 years in succession.

He is also a regular contributor to many magazines, including Cage & Aviary birds.

I'm really looking forward to having his articles on my site.

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