Sunday, 18 January 2009

Budgie Articles Request

Ok people, I know you all know lots about your birds, so how about putting some stuff together and writing some articles for Adorable Budgies to use on the main website?

We need all kinds of articles about budgies, so if you think you could write one about them please do and let me use them?

We already have quite a few articles, but the more the merrier. As you can see we have one written by Kim here:

And one by Kay here:

Whatever you have experienced with your bird/birds, I'm sure you could do at least a small article about it? Of course, all credit will go to you, with your name attached and everything.

So what are you waiting for?? Get writing! You can send it to me via this thread on the Adorable Budgies Forum or via hotmail at annasbudgies at hotmail dot com

Oh yeah, don't worry about punctuation and editing if you don't want to, I can sort that out if need be Wink



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