Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Availability of Adorable Budgie Chicks

I don't like to count my chicks before they're hatched, or even assume that they're all going to make it, but I already have people interested in chicks from this seasons breeding so I have to start thinking about when they'll be available.


The first of the chicks is already 20 days old so all being well chicks should start becoming available in about 5 weeks time. That would make the date around 24th March. I never sell my chicks until they're 8 weeks old and fully weaned. I know some people will sell them at 5-6 weeks, but I believe a chick is better off with it's parents until it has learnt what it needs to learn from them, and that usually takes about 8 weeks.


I like to keep a few of my chicks for myself, so not all of these ones will be for sale. Anybody interested in buying chicks from me should either check back here or sign up at our forum and let me know.


The price of my birds is £10 per chick as this helps offset costs of feed and the upkeep of the aviary. Be aware that I am located in Cardigan, Wales and I can't send birds to people so they need to be collected. There are, of course, various courier services but they tend to be very expensive. Anyway, a day trip to Wales is usually fun for those who do it :)


We keep our chicks tame and friendly for those who want us to, and we have no aversion to holding onto them for a while if somebody needs us to. The kids love spending time with the birds anyway, so either way it's fun for us all :)


The birds in the above pictures aren't for sale, they're just to show how my 8 year old works with our birds ;)

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