Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Lots Of Chicks

So far this breeding season seems to be treating us well. We have 4 pairs with nests and they all have chicks. In total there are 17 chicks and 9 or 10 fertile eggs left. We did have 18 chicks, but one of them (3 days old) sadly passed away yesterday due to some sort of growth in it's throat.

When you get to this many chicks it's all part of the territory really; Losing chicks, eggs not hatching, eggs not being fertile, hens plucking chicks due to being overly attentive etc. It can be a heartbreaking hobby at times, but the pleasures and joys definitely outweigh the sad bits.

Every chick in every nest is a new learning experience, right from the day it is laid as an egg. If we are willing to take on board ideas, tips and views that others give us, then we can soon learn a whole lot about our little feathered friends. Of course, we don't have to ACT on other peoples ideas and views, as long as we are prepared to listen and then we can make our own choices from there.

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