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Clipping a budgies nails

I've recently asked forum members if they'd be interested in writing an article or 2 for Adorable Budgies

This is the 2nd (the splayed legs being the first) article I've received so far.

Sending out a great big thanks to our forum members who make our forum so worthwhile!

Clipping a budgies nails

Budgie's nails are similar to humans, they grow and some grow faster than others. We cut our own nails and this is what we sometimes have to do to our birds nails.

Please be aware the more you cut your birds nails the more they'll need cut as they will grow faster.

Ok, so you have a budgie, and you notice it's nails are too long. What do you do?

There is a simple and effective way to trim/clip a budgerigars nails.

First you will need a good pair of nail clippers or a pair of animal claw trimming scissors. Secondly hold the budgie in a firm but gentle way as illustrated in the How to hold a budgie section under Holding when needing to check claws and vent etc, making sure the claws are easily accessible.

It may be an idea to get a friend to help with the holding bit as then you can concentrate and doing the job confidently and quickly.

The key is to be confident in what you are doing and act calmly and quietly. This will reassure the bird and in turn the bird will be calmer and the job should be easier to do.

There is a main blood vessel that runs down the nail of a budgie. This is easily seen and this is the part you must avoid! The end of the nail, which will look clearish is the part you need to trim. It's better to clip little bits off at a time rather than too much in one go. If you hit the blood vessel you will notice spots of blood coming from the end of the birds nail. It can be a little blood or a lot depending on how far into the "quick" you've gone.

If you do hit the vessel it is important to put either a styptic pen on the end or cornflour, this will stem the bleeding. The bird must be kept warm and quiet and left to rest and recover from the shock of losing blood. It is very similar to cutting into the quick of our own nails only budgies cannot lose a lot of blood before it becomes a danger to them.

If you do not feel confident to undertake this, it would be advisable to seek veterinary advice or even a known breeder in your area may be able to help and show you the first time so you are confident to do it again if the need should arise.

Good luck!!

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