Monday, 15 December 2008

WARNING! Dangerous Threads On Budgie Toys And Perches

Please please PLEASE make sure you always check your budgies toys for threads that could be hanging down, or harmful bits that could be sticking out.

Back in June I found out first hand how awful it can be for a budgie to get strangled on a thread from a toy.

I was lucky enough to go out into the aviary in time to see her there before she died of strangulation, and it took me 35 minutes to free her and make her comfortable in a hospital cage.

The poor thing looked wretched, her eyes and surrounding areas were totally pitch black, there was a massive bulge of fluid on her neck and I honestly didn't know if she would survive or not.

Sweetpea a few weeks before the accident:

And about half an hour after the accident:

When I took that picture Sweetpea already looked at least 10 times better than she had done just 35 minutes earlier.

It took a lot of time, hard work and loving care to nurse her back to full health, but luckily she got there in the end and is now as happy and healthy as she ever was.

She never did get her full voice back, so sounds a bit like a miniature duck. Apart from that I'm pleased to say she made a full recovery.

Please heed my warning and check over every single one of your budgies toys EVERY DAY!


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