Thursday, 18 December 2008

New Budgie Calendars 2009

New and Exclusive!! 2009 Calendars with photographs by Mick Freakley

Get yours today and be the envy of all your friends!

Exhibition Budgerigars

Featuring 12 amazing pictures of Exhibition budgerigars from the Freakley and Ainley Stud, including pictures of the 2 World Champion winning birds!

Only available at

Wild Birds

This calender contains 12 stunning pictures of wild birds in their natural habitats. Mick has photographed these birds in all their true glory.

Only available at

Bugs Alive!

A collection of natures wonderful little creatures, dragonflies and butterflies as seen through Micks camera lens. Unbelievably clear and colourful close-ups!

Only available at

Adorable Budgies 2009 Calendar

A Different Picture And Caption For Each Month!

Following the success of our 2008 calender, we are proud to announce that the 2009 calendar is now ready!

Ihese calendars are only, and will only, ever be available from the Adorable Budgies Website though, so if you're interested, just take a wander over there by clicking here


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