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Budgie breeding checklist -

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Budgie breeding checklist
« on: Sun 1* Jun 2008, 01.06 PM »

I am not having a lot of luck breeding my budgies.
Can you guys help me create a breeding checklist to show me if I have everything in its right place?

Obviously you need
a nest box ( a decent size with a hole large enough for a bird to enter without its wings touching the sides)
mineral blocks and calcium so that the hen gets all she needs for egg production.

How could I encourage the birds to breed?

Re: Budgie breeding checklist
« Reply #1 on: Sun 1* Jun 2008, 05.51 PM »

- Male+Female
- Dark nesting box
- Breeding cage (helps)
- Low disturbance level
- Plenty of seed and water
- Mineral blocks and calcium blocks
- EggFood"

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