Thursday, 26 March 2009

It's Cold Out There

Today is a rainy, windy and miserable kind of day. Still very cold, and still not acting quite like it's spring yet. The wind is so strong it's making the rain come down sideways, which although not fun for me, it seems to be lots of fun for the budgies in the aviary.

Sat watching them from the living room window this morning and they'd all congregated on the most windy side of the aviary whilst having a shower in the sidewards rain. We have corrugated plastic sheeting on top of the flight to protect the birds from any possible diseases etc that wild birds may pass on, so they only get the rain when it's sideways LOL

Ah well, I now have a bunch of wet and bedraggled looking birds, but also a happy bunch :)

As for the site, well the survey is going pretty good, giving me lots of information to look at. I'm very surprised by some of the results so far, other results were no more than what I'd expected really. I'm not sure how long I'll leave the survey up, but it definitely is interesting ;)


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