Thursday, 26 March 2009

Terrible Forum Netiquette

I'm a member of a very popular budgie forum where there are a whole lot of helpful people. Unfortunately, where there are lots of people you always get a few bad eggs too, (refer to my earlier post) and all is not always what it seems.

Take the past few days, just as an example; This young kid joins in on a thread and asks some very valid questions, just to get shot down and treated like a leper. Why? Because the person he directed the questions to doesn't like the kids dad and acquaintances.

I can honestly see no other reason, as the person in question has been very forthcoming with help for a female forum members son in the past. It's a sad world we live in when our kids have to be wary of who they try to gain advice and knowledge from because of petty feelings between a person of the older generation and others.

Should we ALL be trying to encourage every kid that shows an interest in birds? Help them as much as we can to help keep the hobby of budgies, whether pet or show, to survive? Where will the hobby of keeping budgies be without the newcomers?


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